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Worker Information

     We can ALWAYS use more workers. Below are the various positions that you can help out with, regardless of your Rally experience. Click here to open a printable copy of the Worker Registration Form. It is required that everyone who is working fill one out.

Radio Net - HAM Operators:
     The Yavapai and Verde Valley Radio Club's will be assisting us again this year. If you would like to help them out, you can contact Bob Rosevear.

Parc Expose: 
     Workers will be needed to assist the competitors find their designated spots at the Parc Expose, and keep things moving smoothly. This is a great opportunity to interact with the teams and see all of the cars, up close and personal.

Course Marshals:
     This is by far the largest group of workers at a ProRally. You will be part of a Stage Crew, and will assist with everything from starting the cars, blocking intersections, and spectator control at the spectator stages, and everything in between. The Stage Crew has the best opportunity to see the competitors on stage at speed, at some of the best vantage points along the stages.

     Helping with registration is a good way to be part of the Rally, without having to go out to the stages. Processing entries for competitors and service crews will take place on Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and again from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. 

Tech inspection:
Workers at Tech inspection will assist our licensed inspectors, assist competitors with paperwork, and keep everything moving smoothly. 

     EMT's are needed at the start and finish of the stage, as well as any spectator points. There is great support with the surrounding community and the Sheriff's Office for any severe trauma needs.

     Two or three people are needed to assist in the scoring of the event. This is a late night position, so you night owl's will be able to help too...

Sweep Drivers:
     Sweep and Course Closing vehicles are typically 4x4's that will assist any competitors that are in need after the stage has been finished. Medical teams as well as radio teams ride in the sweep vehicles to assist in officially closing the stage.