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Schedule of Events

This is a tentative schedule, and subject to change at this time.

Friday, October 5, 2001
Time Event Location
0800-1600 Tech and Reg TBA
1300-1330 Worker Meeting TBA
1400-1500 New Competitor Class TBA
1500-1600 Stock Class Inspection TBA
1530-1600 Drivers Meeting TBA
1600-1630 Parc Expose TBA
1630 First Car Starts Leg 1 TBA
2230 First Car Finishes Leg 1 TBA


Saturday, October 6, 2001
Time Event Location
0800-0900 Parc Expose New Yavapai County Fairgrounds
0900 First Car Starts Super Special New Yavapai County Fairgrounds
1000 First Car Starts leg 2 New Yavapai County Fairgrounds
2200 First Car Finishes Leg 2 TBA


SUNDAY, October 7, 2000
Time Event Location
0900 Awards Breakfast TBA
1200-?? Town Hall Meeting TBA